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Our powder is developed in Finland, and have been used there for over a decade!
There’s no zeolite, no softeners, no optical brighteners, no bleach, no perfumes, under 5% of soap and enzymes that clean thoroughly without harsh chemicals.

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Our washing powder is developed in Finland, where it has been used for over a decade.
If you suffer from sensitive skin, our powder is your relief!

Also, people from psoriasis and eczema have found our powder to be great.

Caring Panda’s Washing Powder is especially suited for allergic- and child-families.
And families that use reusable suctionable textiles (diapers, menstrual pads, towels, dish rags, gauzes etc.)
It is free from perfumes and other additives and it has 0% zeolite.

Zeolite residues have ruined thousands of modern washing machines, causing the foul smell.
This laundry detergent won’t leave zeolite dust on your clothes or in the air.

Our powder is free from skin-irritating substances or any substances that would harm your washing machine.

Being zeolite free and scentless, it is great for your textiles, your skin, and lungs. It is also great for your washing machine.
Perfume free washing powder for those who are scent sensitive or has a detergent allergy.

Washing Powders that have perfumes or zeolite causes itchiness or even severe rash for many.
Many have been able to get rid of their skin irritation by selecting odorless and zeolite free Caring Panda Washing Powder.
For many coping with these difficulties, the Caring Panda Washing Powder has helped a lot.

Try if it helps You!

What is wrong with zeolite and why we don’t use it: Many washing powders have zeolite in them, which is a substance used as a filler, water softener, and a scrubber.
In a laundry detergent it can cause a lot of trouble:

*The allergy from washing agents is a reality to a modern people, skin itches, partly because of zeolite.
*After a thorough rinsing, it will still be trapped inside the fibers, causing the colors to fade, and can be seen as a dust from the clothes.
*Washing Machine that smells bad is a trouble that many of us have, trails of this leads to the zeolite.



Sodium carbonate, Sodium sulphate, Trisodium dicarboxymethyl alaninate, Sodium silicate, Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Cocoate, Laureth-3, Laureth-9, Protease, Amylase, Silica

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